Completely coffee. This slogan guides the entire company that today offers the market everything related to coffee roasting. Carmomaq Machines Industry and Trade is a Brazilian company with over 20 years of experience in the segment of roasting, grinding and packing equipment for coffee. Working with total respect for people and the environment, Carmomaq develops its products using actions and products that collaborate with and promote sustainability, both inside and outside the company in regard to its employees, clients and suppliers. Carmomaq equipment are known in the market for their high quality and advanced technology.

The company has and extended and diversified line of products with capacity to cater to the needs of clients and companies of all sizes. Carmomaq also offers an efficient post-sale customer service, granting technical and specialized assistance to its clients.

Carmomaq machines are present in all areas of Brazil and exported to several countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, Portugal, Jamaica, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Vietnam, Australia, among others.





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